With such a vast selection of makeup products available is it difficult for you to decide which Brand or Product to Choose? Do you wonder how you should stock your personal makeup collection to be sure you have all you need to get ready faster in the morning? Do you have those special makeup items that add that extra wow effect for that special dinner or event? Are you missing any must have makeup Products? What could be better? I’ll help you solve all these problems and more.

Over the past few years I have tried numerous Brands and Products. Studying the World's Beauty gurus I have deep knowledge on what works best, and always in tune with the latest and greatest makeup products and techniques in Hungary. This allows me to analyze your skin and style and help you create a makeup kit and look that perfectly meets your needs. Whether it's a brand new makeup kit you’re looking for help creating or a selection of compatible new products alongside your existing products I am here to help guide you.

During your custom makeup training, you can discuss and practice one or more themes (eg. foundation and eyeliner). We can design the specific makeup look you desire, or try something completely new based on your wishes or try something completely new.
This makeup course is completely custom and tailored to fit your needs.

  • Personal Beauty Counseling, Self Makeup Training (3 hours) :
    25 000 Ft helyett: 18 000 Ft/ fő
    for 2 people in the same time: 30 000 Ft

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